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If you have time on your hands and are determined, you will come to a solution by trial and error. We know that you are the best in what you do and that we are the best in what we do. In short, we have experience and extensive knowledge flowing through our veins and are courageous in our search for innovative solutions. We approach projects from a comprehensive perspective and so are able to meet your criteria, which would be almost impossible without experience and practice.

The road we offer you is tailored and thus more effective, simpler and cheaper in more than one way.


  • Product development
  • Single-purpose machines
  • Air-handling systems
  • Rail vehicles



  • Research and development studies
  • Stress analyses
  • Development of design-related and project management software and applications



  • CAD
    – Creo (Pro/Engineer)
    – SolidWorks
  • Simulations
    – Creo Simulation (Mechanical)
    – SolidWorks Simulation
  • Calculations and reports – Mathcad
  • Rendering and animation software
  • Electro-software and programming software for systems (Siemens, Allen Bradley, etc.)


Kinematics study

Kinematics studies

Example: A windscreen wiper kinematics study


Trajectory studies

A study examining the trajectory of flexible routes of energy transfer between a truck and an air-conditioning unit attached to the trailer

Reach and action radius studies

Studies on ranges
and action radiuses

Example: A study on the examination of action radiuses and ranges of handling means relating to the railway vehicle concept

Design study

Design studies

Example: A design study for the new cabin of a reconstructed engine



An example of the result of an ergonomics study on an engine driver’s control panel

Development study

Installation studies

Example: Comprehensive study on the installation of an aggregate, engine driver’s cabin and other components into the frame of an engine

Examination of viewing angles

Examination of angles of visions

Example: A study on angles of vision from the engine driver’s position

Study of workstation deployment

Work place layout studies

Example: A study on the layout of production stands in an assembly line for the production of air-conditioning vents in dashboards

Workflow study

Operating procedure studies

Example: A study on a solar panel production stage phased operating procedure


FOTE s.r.o. deals with the development of its own in-house applications – add-ins for CAD software. An example is our application for automatic generating of DXF files for sheetmetal parts and other solid parts.

Generating DXF files

Application demo:

Generating DXF files using “PRT to DXF” application